(conteúdo retirado do portfólio do artista)


A minha tentativa de fotografar momentos, situações, texturas e sensações, levam-me à procura do instante que vai passar, do segundo que já foi e por isso a minha busca não cessa no momento fotografado, mas inicia-se assim.
O preto e branco realça as texturas de uma forma calma e silenciosa transformando a fotografia num tesouro único, pronto a ser descoberto pelo observador.

Hugo Gonçalves was born in Guimarães, Portugal in 1975.
From early on, creativity drew him in.
He achieved 3rd place in a Photography contest at the Guimarães’ Cultural Centre when he was 19 and in the same year he was included in a painting exhibition in the same place. 3 years later he published his own poetry book.

He got his degree in Architecture, Portugal in 2007.
For Hugo, Architecture is about creating an essence into the emptiness, while directing is about extracting the essence from the wholeness.
These complementing forces led Hugo to direct his first video clip in 2016 and pursuit is passion for photography.

Hugo’s work as a director and photographer includes music videos, published photography work and short movies:

From 2016 - 2017, Collaboration with Aidan Casserly and Monica Brito in the videos for the album songs: “Cold Waters of sorrow”, “Instants of You” and “Child of the Moonlight” from the album “Winter Papers”. “Connections” from the album “Intoxication”.

In 2018, The artist presentation supporting video for the exhibition “ India in my Dreams” Miguel Barros, Artist Painter in India.

In 2017, The Short Movie “do outro lado do sonho” with Monica Brito and Miguel Barros, Artist Painter, for the New York Portuguese Short Movie Competition.

From 2018 - 2019, The project “coisas pequenas” ten short movies honoring the portuguese poets and writers with Monica Brito.

In 2019, Photography Project “ Stigma Raw”.

Hugo is the author and publisher :

Photography and Cinema website _ https://rhugog.wixsite.com/krios
Artistic Instagram page _ “Kcrios” Photography _https://instagram.com/kcrios