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ideas behind these works 

“I am driven by spontaneous energy, nervousness and an attitude that “cannot wait”. My themes are inspired by the dynamics of crowd, space and group behaviours and I'm specifically interested in peoples' experiences in "social" situations. I want to illustrate behaviour without a message. These latest woodcuts were ceated in 2019 and aim to give reference to the understanding of a traditional still life - assemblage of objects or static creatures "in momentum". I work with large sizes for my woodcuts to be close to a manual and structural component of the materials paper and raw and untreated wood. The material defines the shape. I cut without drafts. To add something on a more private note,
I was born and raised in Austria and completed my artschool degrees at Academy of Fine Art, Vienna. I would describe myself as an international person, with life stages in Austria, Switzerland, The Netherlands, Brazil and Daphne, Alabama/ U.S. where I moved in 2018. 

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